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Download free Architecture Games here.

Have you ever dreamed of being an Architect ? Live out your dream of designing great buildings Architecture Games.

This architecturally designed house is only one of an ever increasing quality¬† of unfinished “game ready” house models that you can download and ” decorate” using our propitiatory Architecture gaming engine.

We have many different models that range from a simple single bedroom apartment through to multi-storey housing developments coming online. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back and check out whats new from time to time. If you download a copy of our software we will let you know when a new house design comes online.

Our games engine is Windows based and as with any 3D game you will need to have a gaming style 3D graphics card and drivers installed on your computer to get the best performance from our Architecture Game.

Your the Architect, the Designer, the Landscaper and the Painter and Decorator – you choose the color scheme, you choose the materials, fittings and finishes, you design the landscaping and even the “outlook” using our special view out the window feature.

There is massive library of objects and materials built right into the games library but this program allows far great freedom than simply using whatever we have built into the software library to design and decorate your house.

You can actually add to the built in objects library using a digital camera and some digital image editing software – amazingly we provide you with that as well !

The level of detail that you build your virtual home to is entirely up to you and the capabilities of your computer. Like all 3D games the most complex and detailed the scene the more powerful you 3D graphics system needs to be to make it run smoothly. If you don’t have a 3D graphics card fitted to you computer you can get one here – 3D Graphics Cards

As your building you can save the models as many times as you like so you can create literally dozens of different versions and variations or themes. You can even email the finished file to a friend and they can open and explore your designs in their own copy of the software.

Finally when you finished you can walk around your masterpiece is stunning 3D using a plug style games controller. Don’t worry if you don’t have one of these devices you can just use the mouse and your computer keyboard to navigate. But we will explain exactly how that works in the video training tutorials.

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