Doll House Plans

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Doll House Plans

I was working from my home office early last week when the youngest of my four nieces lean’t over my shoulder and looking at  the computer screen asked me what I was doing. I showed her the house plans that I was working on and she promptly replied “are you building a dolls house ?”

I laughed and explained that the house plans I was working on where for a house for real sized people not for dolls.

“But could you make it for a dolls house right ?” she asked and it made me wonder if anyone had ever actually used our House Plan Software to create plans to build a dolls house.


I mean when you stop and think about it a Dolls House it is the perfect “starter project” when it comes to learning our  Floor Plan Software for the first time – the greatest challenge that we face as software developers is that many if not most of our customers, the ones that aren’t Architects or Professional Designers face is the not insignificant challenge of trying to learn to use what is relatively complex software ( it doesn’t matter how hard we try to make the learning process easy it does can a few hours to learn ) straight out of the box so to speak and into a real world project like Home Design, and even with as much effort that developers place on making this type of House Design Software as easy as possible that’s no small task, usually one learns a new skill and “works up” to a full on project.

Plan, Design and Build Dolls Houses

If you are considering your creating your own home plans using our software you might consider designing and building a dolls house first, after all the principals that you learn about driving the software – creating a floor plan, positioning doors and windows even working out where all the furniture is going to go.

Alternatively if you came here looking for software that can help you to create a set of Dolls House Plans then please feel free to download a copy of our software – I would love to get an email when your finished include your finished plans its always great to see what our customers use our software for dolls house or full scale.

Free Dolls Houses Plans


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