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Event Planning Software – Seating, Timeline, Budget


OK we didn’t actually set out to create an Event Planning Software solution however as we have learn’t over the years there are many different areas that need seating arrangement and floor planning layout tools, time line management tools and cost estimating tools.

Our software is not only about Home Design its very useful for Event Planning.

If your a professional event planner chances are you have already invested in some professional event planning software package for your business, it fair to say that most of the people that have downloaded and used our design software for event planning are probably more DIY style planners.

If you need to create seating arrangement floorplans, time line managers and a budget estimation our free event planning software may be perfect for you. The free version works for 30 uses before you require a serial key – If you do decide to purchase a copy you can even use our Digital Design Board Software to make up your event invitations.

Check out our 2D Floor Plan Software you can use it for many things other than just Home Design Projects.

Event Planning Software

A, Creating 2D Seating Arrangement Floor Plans using Black / White Line Drawings

B, Creating full Color 2D Floor Plans – See sample below these are stunning.

C, Creating full Color 3D Artists Impressions – 3D Still Images of your Design Ideas

D, Creating fully interactive “walk around style” 3D Models of your Room Design Ideas

E, Creating Digital Color Boards and Event Invitations – see sample below

F, Creating Wall Design “Planograms” – Picture and art hanging arrangement etc

G, Managing your Project Time Line – Logging and plotting Project Tasks against time

H, Assisting you with your Event Budget with our Cost Manager

Special Offer: $471 Event Planning Software for $25

100% Risk Free 100% Guaranteed – Try the 2D Software before you Order.

For the first 100 customers that decide to buy a serial key for item 1 – our 100% Risk Free 100 % Guaranteed 2D Floor Plan Software for just $25 we will give you an additional Suite of Home Design Software Tools with a total value of $471 as a free gift for our 5th birthday.

Only 100 Copies at $25, if you want this order today !

Item 1:  Firstly we offer our traditional CAD style 2D seating arrangement floor planner which is free for the first 30 uses - which lets you turn this – a simple pen and paper sketch . . .


Into this . . . a traditional CAD style 2D floor plan ( PS: you don’t need to make a sketch to start although you can trace over any image that you scan into your computer which is fantastic if you want to modify or add to existing plans that you have seen )


This product normally sells for $25 on its own however if you order this item today we will give you the rest of this package for free. You can even download and try the 2D  software for 30 times for free before you need a license so this offer is 100% risk free 100% guaranteed.

Amazingly you can even add colors, materials and textures like this . . . WOW !


Note: Creating a 2D colored plan like this is a two step process, first we create a colored and textured 2D floor plan and then we use our digital design board tool ( Item 2 below ) to place the photo texture elements like trees and furniture, cars, people, other photos you have taken, text etc to the floor plan, planogram or design board, this software works in both plan view and elevation view ie looking down birds eye view or straight on like the real world view.


Creating a colored 2D Floor Plan instead of using black and white lines is very easy, check out these simple instructions. If you have any problems try downloading ( right mouse save as )

Item 2: Is our Digital Design Board Tool, where you can take a photograph(s) of your building project and can then build up layers of items onto the original photograph from our library of elements to show before and after effect, or make up a Digital Design Board.

The Digital Design Board Software works for both building Interiors, Exteriors and enhancing 2D Floor Plans and creating Wall Design Planograms as well as event invitations – this product is normally $99 on its own.


Photograph of a residential building project before possible landscaping design.


Photograph of the same building project that has been enhanced with our software.


You can use this particular software to create Event Invitations.

3, Then we have our amazing 3D Interior Design Visualization Software, that actually allows you to get inside and walk around inside your designs in fully interactive 3D. – This product is normally $99 on its own.

4, Follow that with our Time line Management and Cost Estimating Tools both of these items are normally $99 each.


Download your FREE ( 30 use ) copy of our 2D Event Planning Software


Special Offer: $471 Event Planning Software for $25

For the first 100 customers that decide to buy a serial key for item 1 – our traditional 2D Event Planning Software for just $25 we will give you an additional Suite of Event Planning Tools with a total value of $471 for free !

100 Copies only at $25, if you want this order today !

Get in quick and take advantage of our upgrade offer here and get $471 worth of Event Planning Software for just $25 ! That’s absolutely massive value so don’t miss out and order  your massive value download now – 100 copies only at this price !

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