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3D House Building Games

If your planning on building a new home or even remodeling an older style one then you simply must consider using our House Building Software to help you to explore your ideas for floor plan layouts, color and materials selections even furniture placement.


Our Free 3D House Design Games Software is fun and easy to use.

We built our Software using lessons we learn’t after years of building 3D Construction Games. Our new 3D Design Software is both easy and intuitive to use, all most people need to do is watch our brief training video, install the software and they are off and running creating, decorating and furnishing virtual rooms – After all no one wants to sit down and read a boring old instruction manual when they buy a Computer Game, they just want to install it, get some simple instructions and start playing, right ?

Shouldn’t the same be possible when it comes to Home Design Software ?

One of the biggest challenges most people experience when first exposed to typical House Design Software is that the origins of most of these programs is from the world of Architecture and Engineering. Most packages produce complex 2D engineering documents that are mean very little to non technical users, our solution to this problem is simply to make the experience as much like a game as possible.

So if you are familiar with the navigation methods used in computer game play, like using the arrow keys to “walk around” then we are sure that you will find our House Building Game perfect for you.

Download a free copy of our 3D House Building Game and try it for yourself.

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