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Do you love decorating rooms, homes, gardens, and virtual worlds ?  Do you dream yourself as an Interior Designer ?

Fulfill your dreams by role with playing our Interior Design Games.

Many years ago when we first started developing Interior Design Software all of our products where based on traditional 2D floor plan style programs.

The software we created allowed our users to create 2D line drawings of the footprint of a house as though you where looking from the top down inside like a dolls house both in black and white and in color like the image below.

Screenshot showing a traditional 2D top down view of Interior Design Software.

A few years later thanks to the extraordinary improvements in low cost  computer gaming hardware we where able to develop interior design software based on 3D games technology.

This meant that rather than simply creating static 2D floor plan images we where able to create 3D design environments in which you could actually get in a walk around just like a 3D game !

Almost immediately we started to see a segment of our customers that where interested in our software not as an Professional Interior Design Tool but for the entertainment value in itself. These customers weren’t planning a house to live in they where designing houses using our software just for fun, this group of customers where not expected but looking back at where the games technology came from it should not have been much of a surprise that people would be interested as a Room Decor Game.

To support this group of local customers we started to build some unusual features into our software that truly make the experience “game like”

The most significant of these was a joy stick controller interface. Basically you can set up any Windows compatible PC joystick controller with our 3D Interior Design Games and use it to control your movement in and around your 3D world.

You can activate these settings under the window > preferences > input options

There are settings to  program the various elements like buttons and joysticks and a damping function to adjust the sensitivity of the controller.

Screen shot showing the games controller dialogue box. The settings fields are populated when a controller is plugged into the PC with the software running.

Watch this video showing how to access and set up the games controllers options.

YouTube Preview Image

Our traditional 2D floor plan software is totally free for customers to download and use, we provide a fully licensed copy, serial number and instruction manual.

If you would like to purchase a copy of our 3D Interior Design Game we are currently giving a copy away for free with very license upgrade of the 2D Software sold.

The total price of both the 2D Software and the 3D Game is just $17 !

Add to Cart – Just $17 !


Important: All of our software is suitable for Windows only ( it does not run on an Apple Mac ) The 3D Interior Design Game requires a 3D Graphic Card and drivers to be installed to run.

If your looking for Home Design Software for the Apple Mac try here

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