Landscape Games

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Landscape Games

Games have become an able part of the entertainment process of ours in  recent times. Since the beginning of time, games have been used by humans for entertainment as well as leisure purposes and had been used to provide the much-needed break from the usual monotonous routines. These games provide the user with a first hand knowledge of the real world situations they are trying to mimic or model. Thus, in the process of providing information, these games also increase the focus as well as the concentration levels of the user.

The popularity and the upsurge of games has been so great, that they have reached to all the various places and things that we use in our daily life. The popularity of games encouraged developers around the world to develop online, software versions of these popular real world games. These games, starting from our computer, have become much more portable and have found their way to even our cell phones. One such type of games becoming increasingly popular on cell phones is landscape games.

There is a famous saying which says that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” .The development of landscape games have also followed the same trend. A landscape games is basically a game, played on the cell phone, that can be played horizontally, rather than vertically, like most other cell phone based games. Only only those phones that support the landscape mode support them. The development of wider screen phones was what led to landscape game development. The cell phones on which landscaping games are supported have to have the ability to rotate the screen by ninety degrees.

Various varieties of phones available in the market these days support landscaping mode games or landscape games. Various models of Nokia as well as LG and Samsung have support for these landscape games. But the mobile phone handset manufacturing giant that actually brought in the landscape games revolution was none other than Sony Ericsson.The Company started with manufacturing phones with wider screen, enabling landscape mode playing. The launch of the Sony Ericsson models of W550i as well as W600 cell phones was strategically planned to mark the arrival of landscaping games in the market.

Sony Ericsson had a deal with the famous game developers as well as publishers- Digital Chocolate, so as to convert the J2ME version of the popular game developed by them into a landscape game, that could easily be pre loaded into the above set two models of Sony Ericsson cell phones. Thus came about the landscaping of the famous 3D Extreme Air Snowboarding game into the landscape mode for the first time in gaming history of the world.

The development of this landscape game was just the beginning. It was followed by a host of other games like pdamill snails, pocket mini golf 2, PDAmill Bowling for Burgers and Astraware My Little Tank amongst many others. Various new handsets by LG and Samsung also support landscape games like LG KS360.Many new landscape games have been developed over the recent couple of years that have thoroughly vowed the customers with their realistic views and special effects. Some of them, developed by the pioneers – digital chocolate, include 3D Mini Golf CastlesTM, Beach Mini GolfTM etc.

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