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Free 3D Home Design Software Download Here


Firstly the “BIG QUESTION” – How can this mind blowing 3D Home Design Software be FREE ? Is it a trial version ? Does it expire in 30 days ? Does it have some limited functionality ?

Answer – NO it really is 100% free, fully functioning Home Design Software.

This Software has been developed under the “Product Placement” business model – that means that the furniture objects, paint charts, kitchen cabinets, taps, sinks and nozzles etc etc – pretty much everything you see as a “Product” in the software library is modeled on “real world products” – things that you can go out and buy, which if you think about its is brilliant, after all once you have completed your design your going to want to go out and build it right ?

Because of this the Manufacturers of the products represented in the Software have invested in the development and distribution of the Software as a Marketing tool to promote their products to their customers – YOU !

A 3 minute video that demonstrates this incredible 3D software you will be amazed !

YouTube Preview Image

If your a Product Manufacturer and you would like to talk to MyVirtualHome about having your products in the Software visit the Manufacturers Contact Page.

The MyVirtualHome Software has the highest visual realism of any Virtual Home Design Software program on the Market today and its completely free for personal use !


Double click on the animated image above of a proposed Kitchen Design and see the full sized image – Look at the quality of this screen snapshot it’s truly incredible isn’t it ?

Compare that with screenshots from other 3D Home Design Software Programs and MyVirtualHome Software makes some competitive 3D Home Design Programs look like they are designing cartoon houses for cartoon people.

We have all come to expect high quality visual images like this from specialist 3D Architectural Artists using rendering programs that cost many hundreds or thousands of dollars, but from a software program that is free ! That you can drive yourself and then actually allows you to walk around inside the house as well –

If your planning a Interior Design Project or Remodeling Project you simply must have this incredible free software program !

It will allow you to create the most realistic visual imagery and walk around models and yet its still fast and easy to learn to use and is 100% free for personal use with immediate download access.

See our photo gallery for more images created as screenshots from my Virtual Home Design Software further down this page.







Wow that’s just incredible, download your copy now !



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  1. This program is amazing. I can’t believe it’s all for free!

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