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A Pole Barn is one of the easiest to build and most cost efficient building construction methods in the World.


A well thought out an planned pole barn is a great “multipurpose” agricultural building.

The Pole Barn construction method is extremely popular for Rural and Agricultural Storage Buildings and it is even used a mainstream construction method in many developing countries РThis is because Pole Barns are extremely easy to build, they can be built on the most modest of budgets,  and provide a good defense from wind and other environmental elements.

So what exactly is a “Pole Barn”

More generally “Pole Construction Method” is building with poles that are embedded into the ground and used to support the walls, roof and floor framing ( if there is any floor installed ) often pole barns have a simple gravel or dirt floor, but you can add a concrete floor either prior to or even after construction of the main building.

Traditional pole barn construction techniques combined with modern construction materials, have resulted in structures that can take a lot more punishment and are far more durable than their predecessors. Infact although still quire rare in countries like the United States some people have even used pole barns as homes.

The Pole Barn “Industry” has really taken off in recent years and there are many Companies producing¬† Pole Barn Plans and even ready made Pole Barn Kits. Many companies that build pole barns professionally have also provided web-based resources (like color visualizers and layout planners) as a service to DIYers and potential customers trying to see what a building may look like before it is constructed.

There are many sites on the Internet that sell plans for Pole Barn here are some examples.

Pole Barn Construction Methods and Plans

If your looking for pre drawn Pole Barn Plans either for immediate use or as inspiration for modification in our software please check out these sites

Barn Building 101

My Shed Plans.


If you are interested in building a Pole Barn yourself but cant find an exact set of plans to match your needs why not consider creating your own, or even modifying as set or existing Pole Barn Plans?

You can use our floor plan software to do that, download a copy for free, just enter you name and email into the request form in the top right hand column of this page. We will send a link where you can download a free copy of our Floor Plan Software which is just perfect for exploring your ideas about building your own Pole Barn.

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