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Roof Designer Software

Our fully interactive 3D Home Design Software can be used to assist with visualization based tasks on any part of a residential, commercial or industrial building project including roof visualization.

Understanding what a roof is going to look like on a yet to be constructed design is just as important as any other element of design and of course you can use our Roof Design Software for roof color visualization and trim color selection as well.

You can quickly and easily make a 3D model of just about any roof you can imagine, from simple flat or hip roof designs to extremely complex shapes like curved roofs.


Just about the only area that our Roof Design Software doesn’t deal with is the internal structural elements of a Roof – this Software is not suitable for Roof Truss Design for example.

Watch this quick video showing the Roof Design Software in action.

YouTube Preview Image


See how you can even make the materials on the roof transparent ( or semi transparent ) so you can make your own interactive roof “cutaways” This example was created by an ducted air conditioning installer to demonstrate a design concept to a customer where the ducts run through their roof.

Roof Designer Software – Requires the Upgrade

We provide a free version of our Home Design Software for download for personal use, this free version has been designed for use on one room at a time and in order to do Roof Design you will require the Master Upgrade.

If you have any questions about our Software please drop us an email at

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