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Download free Room Decor Games

Dreaming of becoming an Interior Decorator ? Do you love to play with Room Decorating Games ?

Amazed by how many people (  both young and not so young ) approach us at Home and Building trade shows asking if what we are demonstrating is a Room Design Game we decided to develop some extra functionality and add some additional items to our 3D software to cater to this market.

So if your interested in Room Decor Games this might be just what your looking for.

There are a lot of sites on the Internet that host all manner of different types of room decorating games. These sites are hugely popular and very professional as the concept of room design as entertainment in itself seems to be gaining popularity almost daily.

However most of the sites that we have visited are providing brightly colored flash based games that I think everyone would agree are aimed squarely at pre teen girls.

These types of games are a lot of fun but we wanted to create something that was closer to a real software virtual environment where aspiring decorators could try their hand at virtual 3D room design.

This is what we created. Its based on our hugely popular 3D Room Design Software, it has the same basic intent however with a more games like interface ( you can now plug in a computer joystick to navigate around your room in 3D walk mode  )

and the library of room templates we provide are a little more “fantasy based”

We now include, in addition to the generic super room tenplates based on Art Galleries and Virtual Museums and we will be adding to both the room templates library and the objects library on a constant basis.

Put your Interior Decorating Skills to the test in 100’s of room Templates

In addition to individual rooms our games library includes full scale house designs so that once you have mastered the basics of the game you can move onto the next levels – apartments, condos, houses and even mutistorey properties.

This architecturally designed house is only one of an ever increasing quality  of unfinished “game ready” house models that you can download and ” decorate” using our propitiatory Architecture gaming engine.

Our decorating games engine is Windows based and as with any 3D game you will need to have a gaming style 3D graphics card and drivers installed on your computer to get the best performance from our Architecture Game.

As your finishing your master piece designs you can save the room designs  as many times as you like so you can create literally dozens of different versions and variations or themes. You can even email the finished file to a friend and they can open and explore your designs in their own copy of the software.

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